Technology and Resources

Cafés El Abra has the most modern methods of production on the market, with machines for indirect fire roasting controlled by computer, which ensure the specific roasting curve for each type of coffee, as Cafés El Abra toast each kind independently.
This form of roasting guarantees that each kind has been roasted in the best conditions so that the characteristics and nuances of each of them can be later appreciated when served.

Automatic Bobina packaging machines guarantee correct weighing and sealing of the packages with the degassing valve which ensures preservation of coffee in perfect conditions for a long time.
The production process of Cafés El Abra has always been known for its quality, which is why within its range of products we can also find the best coffees in the world such as “The Big Collection Coffee Varietals”.
The target market of our products is the hospitality sector (HORECA) and the food stores which specialize in coffee or sell top quality food (Delicatessen stores).
In the hospitality sector Cafés El Abra has a large Commercial and Technical team available to our customers in order to “ensure that the top quality raw material supplied by Cafés El Abra in beans, becomes the most perfect liquid which enables the customers to enjoy its unparalleled aroma and flavor.”