Socially responsible

Cafés El Abra is partnered with United Roasters, S.A. The association which we belong to, has had a collaboration agreement with CESAL, NGOs of International Cooperation since 2004.

This NGO, founded in 1988, is present in 17 countries in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe with projects in education, health, housing, water and sanitation, productive development, small businesses and training for employment.

The cooperation agreement between CESAL and United Roasters S.A. assumes the joint promotion of cooperation activities contributing to the improvement of basic living conditions in developing countries as well as promoting awareness campaigns among the Spanish population.

Enjoy The Coffee


Coffee is the fruit of a shrub called Cafeto.

Wild coffee trees can be found in Africa where they originate. It is between 2 and 6 meters tall although in the wild it can reach 15 meters. In plantations their height is controlled by systematic pruning to facilitate harvesting.
Botanically it belongs to the family of Rubiaceae and forms the genus of Coffea. The leaves are evergreen and lanceolate.

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